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Welcome Couponers!
SuperQuickCoupon is a former eBay gold power seller with over 7000 positive reviews, buy with confidence. We are a one stop Coupon clipping service. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a fast reliable service.
We have several pick up locations and ship to all 50 states. We also offer coupon classes threw
We love all our customers so if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us:

Please notice some coupons say "void if transferred ".
This is a coupon service.

We do not 'sell' coupons

We provide the coupons at no charge,
but you have to pay for our time, labor and costs,
which are listed on the site as a clipping fee.
When you hire any kind of service to perform labor, the parts are separate from the labor.
When you order from us , you're only paying for the labor/costs as defined.
We do not make any claims to buy or sell coupons.

The coupon fees listed on our website are for our costs incurred to obtain papers/coupon inserts
as well as our time, effort and labor necessary finding, collecting, sorting, clipping, preparing for shipping,
as well the materials and routine business costs necessary for processing and shipping these coupons
(webmaster, website contract/maintenance, envelopes, mailing labels,
paper, ink, gasoline, mileage, business space, working staff, etc..)
NOT the coupons themselves.